At one point, Tetris was just a new idea that worked. Before it was cloned and copied a million times, it was for a while just a simple game with massive appeal. In its proliferation, it's been modified in dozens of different ways by different people in order to become something that at first it was not. There are now countless Tetris clones or variants in existence. This is one of them.

But Jeretris tries to capture that original gameplay that makes this classic game so great, in order to celebrate it. The game logic at its foundation is designed to feel as similar as possible to the original, but also gives the game a kind of personality; one that encourages you to win, certainly, but also to enjoy the classic Tetris experience.

Jeretris is designed in a modular fashion. It will eventually be incorporated into something much larger, so the set of features included in the game are smaller than that of most Tetris clones. The primary purpose of Jeretris is simply to blatantly glorify the Original.

Jeretris is meant to run as a local application on your computer. The links above will allow you to download the version that runs on your platform. As you play, you may find something that could be improved. If so, I'd very much like to know what it is- you can contact me at jeremysachs•AT•rezmason•DOT•net.

There is obviously no audio just yet. Audio functionality, however, is complete at this time. Send me your suggestions for what sorts of sounds belong in Jeretris, and check back now and then for the audio-enabled release!

Also, there are probably still bugs in the game, which are mostly so elusive that I cannot discover them by myself- if you experience any of these, make sure that you mention it in an email. A screenshot of the game when it's experiencing the bug would also be helpful.