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It's important to me that everyone deserves an online place of their own: an email address, a dropbox, and a website.

I don't think that's a radical idea. Websites can be very small. Most of us update a website about ourselves every day. But crucially, they aren't our sites— they're someone's site about us.

If all our years of updates out there were moved to our own spaces, how large do you think yours would be? How prolific have you been, by mistake? What would you keep online?

How much of it was anything more than a reaction to something else? How much of it held any real personal significance?

A personal site is a way to convey to the world what truly matters to us. It doesn't need to stay relevant, broadcast everything about us, or be open to discussion. And as those other places demonstrate, updating it doesn't have to be hard at all.

This site is my own. It only grows as I grow, and only stands for what I stand for. It is my station.


We owe this to ourselves and to each other:

In time, this page will evolve into an index of my beliefs. They aren't meant to be interesting, just publicly accessible. It won't be a blog, because it won't journal an ongoing process. It will be static, simple and hopefully consistent.